My hair has mutated and changed so much throughout my life, and I have appreciated waves and curls, but I'm a white girl who grew up in Asia so this was what I wanted in high school:

All of the Korean and Japanese and Chinese girls that I knew had this perfect silky, glossy hair that didn't frizz or curl up in unpredictable, goofy ways. I'm still working on hair acceptance 16 years later.
CG since 3/31/09... going curly is honoring God's creation!
2c /3a/3b, med. porosity, LOTS of fine hair
low-poo: Giovanni TTT, Whispering Windz
conditioners: suave / Vo5 naturals, Giovanni 50/50, GVPCB
DT: Korres hair mask
stylers: LASG, KY, Pink Boots!
Wishlist for winter: CJ, KBB and a diffuser