I have trouble with the little metal clips sliding out of my hair. It's like my hair is too slippery, and even when I think I get them in there good, 5 minutes later they're down around my ears!

I've had better luck with the plastic Deva clips I bought at the salon I go to. They do seem to stay in my hair better. But, I also notice they break...I've broken two of them in the past few months, and it's not because I've tried to clip too much hair with them. My hair is pretty thin, so I know that's not the issue...it's a quality thing.
Mostly 3A, some 3B/2C fine-med texture/med porosity/low density

wash: alternate co-washing with V05 & soap bars
Rinse out: Rotate TJ's N&S, AOHR, LVPNG, GVP K-Pak, CJ CA Daily Condish
ACV rinses 2x/wk (high pH water)
LI: if I use one, it's usually CJ CALI CJ H&B LI, or GDLI
Styling: FSG with AVG, AN, hemp seed oil & slippery elm (winter only), KCCC, CJ CCCC, CJ SG, CJ AFG, AOMM & BRHG

Currently experimenting w/DM Miracurls CG & MM