You have to bear in mind that out there in the "real world," 99% of people are clueless about curly hair, and they'd be mystified by the things we talk about and take for granted here. Very few people, really (although there are more all the time) have ever heard of "curly girl" or "no-poo," they don't understand about not brushing or sulfates or 'cones, and most are still ironing, blow-drying, slapping on the smoothing serums, and so on. It's probably best not to say anything negative about your hair to someone like that, since the response probably will be to straighen it or frizz-ease it or whatever.

I'm sure your short hair looks adorable! You'll get used to it soon, and short hair always seems to grow so much faster, anyway, that in a month or so you'll have a lot more to work with.
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Who are you telling!!! Even tho, i do think that their are most of us than we think! Everytime i want to buy some FOTE AVG, there's never any... and it always seems that the Lustrasilk or any other CG Friendly products are low or out of stock... i wonder how many of us there really are... . But yea, i know i can't force anyone to understand . that's why i didnt say anything. this particular lady just really liked my hair long and like boomy said, flat ironing would give it a longer look. for a second she just made me feel like my hair looked bad - as if flat ironing was the only way to achieve a better look. but after jumping the gun, i guess it has more to do with my insecurity at the moment, cause I KNOW she didnt mean to be rude or mean. i just had to rant . my hair does grow super duper fast, so yea, i'll probably end up cutting it again! who knows! i'm crazy like that!
loooooove the GVP, btw
para los gustos se hicieron los colores

i has no hair type? (medium, f-iii), normal porosity, LOW elasticity.
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