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Subbrock, your daughter's curls are beautiful!! I doubt mine will have hair that curly. DH's hair is stick straight and I'm more of a wavy, so I don't think the genes are there for super curly hair. After having 2 boys though, I long for a little me whose curls I can encourage at a younger age. When I was little I had ringlets at the nape of my neck, then when they were cut my hair sort of had a flip. My hair was always brushed then as a teenager I wondered why my hair seemed sraight but frizzy. I think I had waves all along but didn't know how to care for them.

I like the little curls that she got with the conditioner, so I may keep using it. I put a little bow in the front to tame the parts that stick straight up, and the curls were cute sticking up behind it. Is there anything else that anyone would use at this young of an age?

My boys had thicker hair and a lot of it, and we cut their hair very young (1 month for the 1st and 3 months for the 2nd). At what length/thickness do most people get their little girls' hair cut? I think it seems a little thinner because it is longer. Would I cut it at all if she had curls?

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