For me, I do look much younger with my hair curly, but this isn't necessarily a good thing... I have what is charmingly referred to as a "baby face" -- On my best day I look sixteen (I'm twenty-two). I'm about to go into graduate school and friends of my parents' ask me what grade I'm in. Straight, I still look young; curly, I look like Shirley Temple and people want to pinch my cheeks.
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I know how you feel! I'm 20 and 3/4 the way to my bachelors degree, and get mistaken for a high schooler on a weekly basis. I just brush it off because I'm hoping it means that I'll be mistaken for a 20-something when I'm in my 30's.

I think curls are more whimsical and spontaneous. Just another benefit of curls....someone should add it to the
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I love this! (I cut my own hair)
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