I went thru this last year with my 17 year old. We tried all the mayo's and everything that's been suggested but I think her buggies were resistant because they would not go away. We vacuumed all upholstery everyday. Put the pillows in the hot dryer daily and vacuumed the beds daily while i did the routine below.

The only thing that worked was a white vinegar rinse... it seemed to weaken the glue that holds the nits on the hair. For 3 days straight after the rinse I went thru her head picking out the bugs and the eggs. The combs didn't even work well... I had to do it all by hand.

Not fun but you'll get thru it.
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2b/3a medium/coarse semi-porous/iii
White Rain Ocean Mist GVP conditioning balm. Bioterra/LA Looks. Air dry. SOTC w/LOOB..I think its my first HG.
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