Garden of Wisdom Majik Lockes and Seamollient Review:

Majik Lockes is supposed to be a leave-in conditioner but to me it seems more like a styling jelly and I LOVE IT!! It does have B5 and keratin proteins so it may be best for fine hair. I combine it with Seamollient which is an algae gel. Both products are very curl-enhancing, give my hair a lot more body, root lift, shine, bounce and ALL-DAY HOLD WITHOUT FRIZZ!!! I wish ML was cheaper( it is $15 for 4 oz) because I would use more of it as a styling gel but combined with my favorite AOMM and/or Seamollient it works well; my curls do not drop or frizz anymore. I recommend using it in sopping wet hair and start with a small amount of either because they have glue-like qualities. Even though my hair dries very crunchy, I can aggressively scrunch and diffuse without loosing any curl and creating frizz. These are by far the best products I have used!

*** I highly recommend to all fine haired curlies***
Type: 3a, fine, thin, low porosity Water/Climate: soft/ marine Washes: water w/washcloth, shikakai, clay Condition: Style:Seamollient, CurlsPFCCP, Miracurl, Gel-les'c, CK; rudeechick's super soaker method; blot, air dry 30 min; diffuse

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