AfroVeda Shea Alma Whipped Butter Cream and the Kissi Seed ProV Hair Conditioner . Lol I can't the until wait to package gets here.I seriously need intervention
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Hey! Do you mind telling me how the Afroveda Shea Amla Whipped Butter Cream works for you?! I have been eyeing it for the past two days, but it sounds good.

This week I got:
Shea Terra Frankincense and Myrrh shea butter
Shea Terra Rainforest Wild Fruit shea butter.

I also tried amla for the first time this past weekend and it is the TRUTH!! That stuff is something else!!

PS - I am proof that unless you want help, an intervention will not work. My husband found my "stash" this weekend but I'm still trying to buy stuff and just hide it from him.
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lol My SO is always shaking his head at me he thinks I'm crazy I bought some conditioner one time and he was like whats in the bag I said lotion

But I'll definitely give you a review!