it's new week but I bought Trader Joe's Nourish Spa Conish last week. I tried it back in December and it was terrible but now, I'm loving it.

This week I bought some Suave to cowash and the Goody knockoff of a Denman (HOW DID I LIVE MY LIFE WITHOUT THIS BRUSH FROM HEAVEN?)

I also bought some coconut oil and molasses (going to attempt a caramel treatment this weekend). I'm pissed about the molasses because I paid 6 bucks and didn't realize I didn't get a receipt then saw it in another store for 2 (not the same brand but you know!)

Also upset that my Darcy's Botanicals products arrived when I wasn't home and I wasted 15 minutes walking back to the post office and 15 waiting in line before they told me I couldn't even pick it up today!