I did this using my silk bonnet (small elastic band but I didn't have it on long enough to create the dreaded elastic mark on my head!) yesterday with pretty decent results. But of course, I get so ADD when diffusing I didn't do it that long. So today, I decide to do it again but this time clip my hair before putting the bonnet on. Seemed like such a good idea but not so much. I started to put on the bonnet - felt the clips get caught on something, I continued on knowing that bad things were happening and clips were sliding, moving, etc. So I stopped and flipped back upright...got the clips out verrrrrrry carefully and reinserted and tried again. This time with better luck. Just thought I would share that if you clip before using the cap make sure you really have that cap stretched out before trying to load your hair in there or you, like me, will have cap/clip disaster.

So, after all that, my hair is a bit fuzzy on top where the clips got a bit tangled but overall I like this way to set my ends and it does seem to help with my volume a bit because it kinda squishes my hair all together while it's in the cap.
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