I've seen a major increase in more "3's" using traditionally "4"-type products like buttery stuff, moisturizing creams, etc. And it's not because of curl type.
Not just 3's but a lot of 2's as well! Hence, MAJOR confusion for me right now....cuz I also have to be careful with how much of this type of product I use or will get weighed down very easily. I use puddings and such on my little girl's 2B/3A type hair but she doesn't get weighed down her hair just drinks it up! She can't be porous if she's never used chemicals or heat styling??? I'm apparently porous and use heat styling but no chemicals..makes my head go WEEEEEEEEEEEE?!

NOPE not highly porous according to the strand float test, it's floating happily 5mins later so I'm either LOW or Normal but I can't know for certain unless I do chemical processing?? There is no other way to test this?? I never have problems with tangles either. My little one on the other hand HIGHLY tangles but her hair is FINE so I attributed it to that.
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