Thank you Struttswife. This thread is so helpful!

Please share how you keep from being over-processed when using permanent color. Also what is your secret for maintaining your hair between colorings?
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A big part of it is because of the color line we use in my salon, one that is not well-known in the U.S. but is one of the top European color lines. It is very heavily pigmented and the color pigments are smaller, meaning the color can penetrate deeper into the hair shaft with both a lower level of ammonia and less processing time. And it has some heavy duty conditioning ingredients in it ... my hair always feels like a million bucks even immediately afterward.

Also, when I pull the color through to refresh my length, I mist my hair quite heavily with water first - pull the color through, let it sit for about two minutes, then wash it all out. The water acts as a buffer to keep the color from overprocessing on my length and ends.

For maintenance, I deep condition 24 hours after my initial color retouch, then again at the "halfway" mark between retouches at about three weeks. And if I'm at home and not going anywhere for the day, I'll mist my hair, pull some conditioner through it and wrap my hair up in a scrunchie just for the heck of it -- that's probably another two or three times a month. I shove moisture into my hair whenever possible, which helps to maintain the color and condition of it a lot.
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