I'm curious about which color line this is, too. The last European line I used that stylists have consistently raved about to me was Framesi. But when I did use it last year with a new (to me) stylist, I had horrible fading. Within only two to three weeks it was completely gone, the worst I've ever experienced. Granted, it was a red, but that doesn't explain it away completely. I've tried other reds, including the one I use and love now, and they're nowhere near that easily faded.

More on topic, I've also noticed that my hair's porosity and texture are the main things that determine what will work with it. Curl pattern will matter a little, but only in that something that weighs down my fine hair will inevitable loosen my waves too.

To that end, I've also thought that the reason I have such issues with quats and polyquats is that as cationics they coat and bond to my fine hair a little *too* effectively. I've learned to stay away from most of the cationic conditioners as a result, too. They do leave it silky, but actually a little too silky, and limp. I think cationics are more easily handled by normal to coarse textured hair and that hair as fine as mine can just be overwhelmed by them.
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Quats,polyquats & cationics: What are these and are they removed by co washing?
cg Dec 08
fine to med texture w/ some coarse / high porosity 2c to 3a