I have a few questions for you about my daughters curls. I believe that I have average porosity and a mix of medium/coarse hair.

My daughter on the other hand I think has fine hair and average porosity. For the longest time I was using VO5 Vanilla Mint (as condish and leave in) and then I used Aura hypo allergenic gel or Charles Worthington Big Waves Creme. Her hair always looked great.

We went to Houston for Christmas and it was humid there, her curls bounced back big time, as soon as we got home her hair stopped being as curly. It seem like anytime we go some place humid her hair does wonderful. What can I do to help her at home where it's drier?

One other thing, the shorter her hair is it seems to be curly, can you explain that to me too. LOL sorry I just have a lot of questions.