I purchased this at Sally's. I purchased the corrector conditioner and the Mendex conditioner. I will let you know the results soon.
I used the corrector conditioner like regular conditioner. it is very thin. These come in 1oz trial sizes which makes it worth it to try it.
I did not see the extreme pack there. I would like to purchase this to see what kind of ingredients are in it.
Mendex does have a cone but the other conditioner does not.

Does a protein treatment take out the color on your hair? It seems to zap the color out of mine.
I am a 2c w/spirals underneath! 35 years old with 85% white hair. I am currently using DevaOne everyday with No Poo. I am using Smooth N Shine Gel Conditioner Extra-Hold on my course hair and it works awesome for 3 bucks. I found putting Color Magic into my hair color really covers the gray well.