I am trying the porosity test too running my fingers up the hair shaft ... what does it mean if your fingers don't "catch" on anything but it doesn't feel completely smooth? the end-to-root direction definitely had more friction compared to running my fingers root-to-end, but not enough friction that I would call it "catching" on anything. Does that mean my hair is normal porosity or overly porous? It would be nice if I could feel the "control group" hair for this test so I can compare mine.
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That is how I would describe mine too.
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That is how I would have described mine, yesterday, too. After reading this thread, I went and got a restructuring treatment--I got Ion brand at Sally's. I did a protein treatment followed by a deep treatment today, and now my hair feels smooth in the end to root direction. I'm guessing that yesterday qualified as overly porous. My hair is a bit fuzzy, but it seems to be curling much better today than normal.
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