Why is it that we curlies have to do everything upside down??? Seriously... I feel like I ought to get one of those back inversion things... then I can hang out in the bathroom like a bat and take care of my hair....
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that may be the best curly tool yet! we should all have one!
3B just past BSL in back (when curly)
CG since 3/08
HG's:biolage condtioning balm and kpak (both the generic value versions)
overnight plop with a flour sack the strutt way
honey after leave-in
satin sleep cap & shea butter for day 2 hair
ALSO LOVE:jessicurl aloeba leave-in, rr, ccss

by: Riot Crrl!
I think you could walk around with words and stick people drawn on your face and still look supercute.