Hi. I just recently colored my hair after debating forEVER. I too was afraid of what the chems would do. But low and behold, I used a box color (several boxes actually -several times- I know, bad....) and my hair is actually curlier! I have 3c/4a hair and my crown hair was very limp and straight prior to coloring. I was especially worried about that! But now even my crown hair is curlier!! My hair is black -very, very dark and hard to lift. So I initially went easy on it for fear of damage, but eventually had to use a hi-lift blond to get results. And even with all of that, I still have soft, curlier hair. My advice is to do plenty DTs before and after (like Subbrock said) because it does help. If you're comfortable with the simple colors of box kits then go for it. If you do your research and find a good colourist (not just a good salon) then that may be for you as well.

Good luck! Go for it!!
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