I'm finding the same thing. I changed up my routine (leave in, curl cream, scrunch with towel, gel) to eliminate the curl cream and instead I do leave-in + 2 drops of agave nectar, gel, and then scrunch with the towel. This has made my hair much lighter and airier but still very defined, and the curls have a much better shape. Sometimes less is more!!
3b with a little 3a
Mostly CG, but I love me some amodimethicone.

Cleanse: V05 Kiwi Lime Clarifying Conditioner; CJ Hibiscus Bliss low poo; LLL Green Tea Cleanse
Rinse-Out: Kenra moisturizing conditioner, Redken All Soft (old formula), LVPNG, LVPHG
: Agave nectar plus Sebastian Potion 9 or Aloeba
Style: Dab of QCCC, Re:Coil or Mop-C under BRHG/HESMU combo