I have found the same thing to be true opera. Everytime a I would try a new product, I would join the application wagon everyone else was on. A few weeks' ago I hopped off the KCCC application wagon and to my delight I finally liked KCCC. I used half or less what others use. I, too, had more volume and it dried so much faster.

I find less product but the right ones give me more volume but not more pouf.
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Same here! Last winter I started scrunching in KCCC after I plopped, which got rid of excess water and cut down on drying time, and I had relatively good volume.

Forgot to add about the Aloe Fix: It's really thick, but emulsifies easily and I can smooth it on my frizz-prone crown without getting weighted down or greasy looking. You have to try to over-apply this stuff.
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Products: Suave Coconut condish, Giovanni Direct Leave-In, FSG or KCCC, AfroVeda Shea-Amla Cream