I see it in all these youtube videoes. But I cannot do it! I now know a main reason why my hair puffs up is because it shrinks. I got that under control. Now on to the roots ......

I have problems doing bantu knots and twists. http://www.naturallycurly.com/curlta...ad.php?t=72802 I now have some shea butter hair dress. Do you think that will give more definition? Also, I thought my hair was dry when I did those in the link above, but others say no. How do I know when it's dry then??? And how do I do a puff when the twists go bad? Can you do a puff on transitioned hair? No BC for me for at least another 3 months.

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Wow so many questions.
Do you think that will give more definition? Yes, doing styles with product usually provides more definition. Also I didn't even realize how big a difference styling wet hair makes, I was styling dry so keep up doing bantus and such on damp hair.

How do I know when it's dry then???
I can usually tell just by feeling. The hair feels damp, can't really explain it.

And how do I do a puff when the twists go bad?
Here is a good video of how to do a puff, good for salvaging twist outs.

"If youíre puff challenged, this is the video for you. Itís actually a slide show of still pics that she has set to music. Nice. I didnít think I was until I watched it and darned if I didnít pick up a few pointers. Watch this one and learn how to moisturize, brush your hair back and secure it in a way that protects you hairline while making the cutest puff ever. She even has tips on how to accessorize your puff. You go girl. I really liked this one. This one gets an A+."

Honestly I think some of your problems can be traced back to still transitioning. I remember the styles were hard to do when some of my hair was still relaxed, my roots didn't want to stay twisted, etc. And the twists out got noticeably thinner near the ends. It was just a mess. I recommend you BC ASAP, styling is so much simpler. Hope that helped.

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