I have tried the Seamollient as a rinse-out a few times now. I am not sure about how much conditioning it gives but it does leave my hair with a unique feel; kind of a clumpy but smooth feel which may aid in styling. Also, I tried the Healthy Hair Serum; it is a little more moisturizing with maybe a little less hold and volume than the ML and not so much crunch. I think at this point I prefer the ML to HHS because I need more volume and hold but they are both great products.
Type: 3a, fine, thin, low porosity Water/Climate: soft/ marine Washes: water w/washcloth, shikakai, clay Condition: Style:Seamollient, CurlsPFCCP, Miracurl, Gel-les'c, CK; rudeechick's super soaker method; blot, air dry 30 min; diffuse