Yeah, I love those purple ones, too. You two ladies can duke it out -- or ask if she can make another pair. If she has the wood, she'll do it, I'm sure. There's a pair in the "sold" section of twisted ebony and maple? (IIRC) sticks that I love -- lots of the twisted ones are really nifty. She has such a variety of beautiful woods to work with.

Whatsercurl, hope I haven't given you too much temptation! But I've never found nice hair sticks on the ground. I wanted something special, handmade and not plastic, and a step up from the chopsticks I've always used (although some of them are pretty nice), so etsy really is a help.

I find I like the sticks for some styles, but I also use my bobbypins and some large faux tortoise plastic hair pins for other do's. I have a copy of the Strictly Curls book and am trying more of those styles, and some require bobbypins. But so far my best updos use the sticks.
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