So I've been using the "" site to monitor dew points......and I noticed that the exact location of the report for my zipcode is on a lake, not super close to here (maybe 10-15 minutes?). So I decided to check the zip codes for 2 other town centers that are, also, within a 10-minute radius of my house.

The results? (Drumroll please....)

In one location, the dewpoint was 50 degrees.
In another, it was 43.
In the third, it was (I kid you not!) 28 degrees.

All of these are within a 10-minute drive from my house. Can I just say? WTF????

No wonder my hair and I are always confused....

Perhaps this is a mistake, or an anomaly.... (maybe a front coming through, but I didn't think there was supposed to be). But I'm gonna start tracking this!

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