That is so interesting because I woke up this morning and was going to start a post like that too! I have just been layering the products on in looked good and I had no problems, but two days in a row I purposely put lots less on and I had tons of volume and still great curls. Imagine my surprise!
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No kidding. I guess part of my surprise with all of this is due to the fact that I have not gone without a lot of product since way before going CG. The thought of letting my hair dry with no product took me back to the days of middle school; hair pulled back into a limp, frizzy ponytail or bun every day because my mom couldn't afford "hair gunk." (I cut my own hair)
Pacific Northwest girl, color-treated fine 3B, med-low porosity

Products: Suave Coconut condish, Giovanni Direct Leave-In, FSG or KCCC, AfroVeda Shea-Amla Cream