It's a scary thing. A couple weeks ago after washing my hair, I looked in the drain and it was just filled with hair. It looked like about a handful. My hair is long and dark so it always looks like a lot, but this was more than usual. I've been panicking ever since. Since then I've quit using my shampoo (it was sulfate free but I decided to ditch it anyway). So far less is falling out. I've had biotin for awhile but I'm so forgetful about taking my vitamins every day.

I also had an appointment right after that with my dermatologist, so I mentioned it. I'd just recently had bloodwork done and my iron was fine and so was my thyroid. I'm on the pill as well as aldactone which can both apparently cause hair loss, so I was worried about those, but she thinks maybe it's stress (what isn't attributed to stress?) It's possible, I've just taken over some duties at work of a girl who's out on maternity leave which has been pretty stressful. She also said sometimes it happens a few months after an illness - and I did have a horrible stomache bug back in February.... She checked for bald spots, but nothing (although it could definitely be thinning everywhere evenly).

I'm hoping it's just a temporary thing. I'm so afraid of losing my hair.
Type: 3a - type 1 on the underside. Thinning.

Currently using:
-Organix Tea Tree Mint Shampoo (occasionally)
-Garnier Fructis Triple Nutrition conditioner
-Suave Waterfall Mist Conditioner or Gee Your Hair Smells Terrific as leave-in
-A mix of Shique Gel and HE Totally Twisted mousse
-FX Curls Up Mousse, on occasion