It takes me 45 minutes to do my hair. That's counting from getting in the shower to styling. But, maybe part of it has to do with the amount of hair I have too!

My typical routine is the following:

1.) Co-wash with Conditioner and Rinse out
2.) Use another Conditioner and use paddle brush to detangle
3.) Put hair in clip and take my shower
4.) Rinse out Conditioner and get out shower
5.) Put styling product in sections of my hair until all sections have been completed. Also, I wrap each section in a bun as complete so I don't mix any up and I know for sure all hair has product.
6.) Take down the little buns and pull my bangs back with a bobby pin (they are still growing out)

In my personal opinion wash-n-go's are time consuming when it comes to every day maintenance. However, it is my prefered method since I can't seem to get wet twistouts to work right for me.
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