You're totally right, Del -- the weather's so crazy here there's almost no point! I tend to sort of average out the dewpoints, and also I try to look at the "hourly" forecast section to see if there will be any big changes in the day. But I very often find that, when I check the "current conditions" part of the website for dewpoints, it's already way outside of the predicted range, so the hourly information is kind of useless.

I have had a couple of great days recently, though. Man, my hair loves a 50-60 degree dewpoint with my simple Biolage gel (with or without CK). Go figure!

Meanwhile, it probably isn't helping that, on the "below 45" dewpoint days, I'm experimenting with KCCC at the moment. (Boy, is that a strange product!). So my hair is kind of all over the place.

Oh well.... serenity...Zen..... giving up control....

Wurly and proud!
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