My hair's medium length, so mine goes much faster, I believe:

1. wet hair in morning.
2. cowash roots and rinse.
3. Add conditioner and coconut in 5 sections, detangling with fingers as I go along.
4. Braid each section up after product application
5. Take my shower.
6. Take braids out after shower, and shake upside down.

My hair takes about 15-20 minutes each morning. This is working for me now, but who knows what my regimen will be next month
4a, fine coils. low/med porosity. "It's springy. Like a slinky."--My Lil' Cousin

I use products on 90% dry hair.
Wash: Dr. Bronner's Peppermint Castille Soap.
Conditioner: Tigi Bedhead Moisture Maniac/Suave Humectants
Moisturizers: Long Aid
Styler: Ecostyler Clear/ Vitamin E Oil