From a BRAND SPANKING NEW newbie, I have to echo all that's been said. Sometimes it's hard breaking into a new forum, especially one so tight-knit. I was ready to give up when I thought CG wouldn't mesh with my struggle with seborrheic dermatitis. However, a few Google searches and some lovely advise from auntnett (I hope I spelled that right), and I am a convert as of this weekend. I went out and found some GTTTT, AVG, and dug out some old HETT from way back in my product stash. My hair already looks a million times better. I've never had clumping, you guys are amazing! The PJ in me can't wait until payday to go to Sally and Target.

Aaaaanyway, the point of all thay was just add my thank you to the piles. Even if I haven't "met" many of you, I have ready your advise with interest in other threads and mentally bookmarked it for future reference!