Good luck to you, too. Here's hoping it's just our imaginations.....

How long have you been on birth control (if you don't mind sharing!)? I've been on the pill for yeaaaars. Maybe 13 or so. I skip the placebo week in 2 packs now because I get menstrual migraines and have been doing that for maybe a year. Why would the pill, after all these years, make my hair start to thin out??
Type: 3a - type 1 on the underside. Thinning.

Currently using:
-Organix Tea Tree Mint Shampoo (occasionally)
-Garnier Fructis Triple Nutrition conditioner
-Suave Waterfall Mist Conditioner or Gee Your Hair Smells Terrific as leave-in
-A mix of Shique Gel and HE Totally Twisted mousse
-FX Curls Up Mousse, on occasion