My 9 year old has 3c, 4a hair and the longer it gets the harder it is for me to style, straighten, etc. We have been curious about this product for a long time.

I would also love to see more before and after pics. I'm seriously thinking about getting this to use on my daughters hair.

eta: just checked their website and you can split it into 3 payments - now I'm sold LOL

I have a few questions for the "instyler procs" Do you always have to blowdry your hair first? Usually I will wash/condition my dd's hair and then put it in two braids or twists for that night and next day at school. I would then straighten her hair that next (2nd) day after washing/conditioning it. So can the hair be "airdryed"? Can you use it on wet hair? I have a flat iron that you can use on wet or dry hair.

What heat protectants do you all use? I know it says not to but I read that some of you do. Thanks!
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Okay, my hair is 3c/4a and this works really good for me. If your daughter is truly a 3c/4a, it should do fine, but it will take a little work...I wash and blow dry mine, before I use the instyler, you say you let her hair air dry, which should be fine, the key to the thicker hair is you have to straighten smaller pieces, after you get used to doing it, it will get easier and faster. The product info states that you can do it wet, but I've never order for mine to be smooth I like to dry it completely then straighten. For products, I use the sabino and I use Nexxus Memory sleek, but that's before blowdrying. After blowdrying I use the Blended Beauty straight pearl then I straighten with the Instyler.

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