(Attempting to be calm).........

The facts first:

Long, bra strap length BLONDE hair, wavy, 2c/3a hair.

Have been coloring since God was a child, have been light blonde for 4 years. Box blonde, nothing special, have used a variety of brands. Usually Perfect 10. Until todayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy.....

Bought Clairol Natural Instincts, on sale of course, color #5, "Champagne on Ice". The girl on the box, looking oh so happy with HER curly hair all blonde and bouncy. Well her pic is telling me "Hey, try to go down a shade and see if you get a golden blonde".

So, I mix the bottle and the coloring liquid, do my roots first, let sit 25 mins or son, then add to the ends, and then I start to thing...."Hmm, this looks a bit dark".

Denial makes an appearance, saying:

"All, it always looks dark when wet".

So I continue. I let sit another 15 mins, take a shower, towel off with my non curly offensive tea towel, and low and behold, I am now a CHOCOLATE brunette!


I am amazed at how calm I remained. The first thought was ".......and my Deva hair cut with Tiffany is only 3 days away!". Yes, I am driving 4.5 hours tomorrow to Tampa for the dual purpose hair cut and visit USF with my college bound son. OMG! I am a brunette, I have been brunette since I was in my 20's, and I donít what it feels like. Guess I am going to find out, huh?

I have a feeling I have manifested this into my life, ala "The Secret" as I have been wondering what itís be like to be brunette again, but never thought Id go thru with it. I swear, when I bought it today, I had no designs to be dark.

Will my waves return? Or will they abandon me due to my negligence. My hair is still wet, and looks extremely straight. I am concerned I have offended my darling hair, just as the Re:coil has brought me such great results. Just as I am about to meet the "Curl Whisperer" Tiffany....

I wonder....could God be telling me there is a man out there who loves chocolate brunettes? Hmmmmm.....

Hair type: Wavy- Colored Blonde - Thin - Long, almost to bra strap
Current products:
Jessicurl Low Poo or Sauve Coconut Co-wash-
Loreal Nutri-Gloss Curly Formula conditioner-
Honey (when dry)
Nexxus Emergencee 2x month
Curl:Re:Coil (New Holy Grail curl former...works great!)
Gel: Deva Arc Angell

"If you can conceive it, and believe it, you will achieve it"