Struttswife and any other stylists out there. Can we start a thread about how to talk to a stylist to get a good cut. Teach these ladys the terms to use, give them the signs and guts to get up and go. The first thing that comes to mind with me is clients asking for a trim. Everyones trim is soooo different. Show the stylist exactly where you want the hair to end when dry. Ask the stylist to cut the length or "guide" when dry. Do this before you're in the chair. If a stylist will not listen, rolls her eyes, or you just feel she doesn't get it, WALK OUT. It's your hair and your money. Do not feel bad, you will feel worse when you don't like your hair. If the stylist wet cuts, ask her to use "no tension" and cut only half as much as she thinks. Just don't complain that she took nothing off and still charged you full price. If you have bangs do not I repeat do not let them cut them wet. Ask her to notch into them dry. Do not expect perfect results the first time you go to someone, give them a chance to learn your hair. Great idea to go and have a wash and style first. This will give you a chance to talk and give her an idea of how your hair lays and shrinks. Stylists help me out, I'm sure there's tons more. Let's get these girls great hair days!!!

( these suggestions were made a little tounge n cheek...alittle vent of my own)

More ideas to help you get a good cut. I have a curly client who always thinks her hair is cut uneven. If I cut her dry, curl by curl, she will take the top, pull it straight up with tension, and say it's uneven. If I pull it straight up and cut it straight across, she say's it's uneven when it dries. Don't do that.
Also, hair grow out from your head in a circular pattern. Almost like a fingerprint. Curlys tend to have more swirls. This is why you feel one side of your hair is thicker or fuller, or one side lays better. I can not change this with a cut. I can leave weight to try to pull it out alittle, but you have to style it against the grain, kinda push it where it needs to go. Diffusing and clipping helps here. But please don't think I cut one side more than the other.
To those of you who have very long hair and only get it cut once a year.....please have probably 10 little strands that hang in the back that are two inches long. They are the ones you feel when you pull it all down to check how long it is. Trimming these hairs off is not even a real hair cut, they don't do anything but hang there and sorry, they are just yucky. If I cut them off your hair will look better, your curls will spring up and be less tangled. But when you pull it all down again you will think I cut off two inches when you only asked for a trim, because you want it to reach a certain point on your back.
I want to share this side with you to help you get a good cut. Cutting hair is really not that hard. It's the communication part that can mess it up for both of us. i still think most stylist want to make people happy with their hair. We need to talk to each other in the same language.
And please do not bring in a picture of Taylor Swift from a photo shoot and ask me If I can make your hair look like hers. I can't, if I could I would do mine that way first,before I'd do it for you