Thanks for the advice, I will def try the olive oil. I double checked 2 boxes, as I bought 2 on sale. The color bottle in each has the number 5 on it, just like the outside of the box, indicating they are the same. Its just this color is very dark and misleading. I didnt do a strand test cus Ive been coloring forever, and never had a color that was so far off the indicated color result.

My hair is in pretty good condition since going CG a year ago, so I guess thats a blessing. I read that hot water will help the color fade faster, so I filled the sink with hot water and dipped my hair into almost to the scalp area (Not wanting to scorch my scalp!) and I can see the water turning brown! Yay!! Its coming out, slowly....ugh...lesson learned, always do a strand test when using a new color.

It couldve been worse, the color could be permanent, thus probably causing more damage and expense at removing it.
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