I stumbled across this old post on another forum I check out. Sounds interesting....

I made up a lovely batch of leave-in conditioner using seamollient, and have used this for the last week with great success. It hasn't been humid enough to see how it controls the frizzies, but it sure does keep curls well defined and just makes my hair "stand up" better.

I have very thick, spirally curls. [Think of that greek actress in CSI and Providence, my hair looks just like hers] - Naturally curly hair tends to run dry; I can't claim how this will work on oily hair, but if you substitute jojoba for the avocado oil, it may be more suitable.

Master Serum: This can be used as a base for after hair treatments and after shower moisturizing.

In a 4 oz. amber glass bottle with a pump dispenser combine the following ingredients:
1 oz. seamollient
1 oz. organic aloe vera gel
1 oz. rose geranium hydrosol
.5 oz. avocado oil
.5 oz. camellia oil
10 drops suprapein [preservative]
10 drops ylang ylang oil

Shake thoroughly before each use!

Leave in Hair serum:
Use a 1 oz. glass tub with lid [I used an old EpidermxII jar]

Fill the 1 oz. jar half way with seamollient, then fill it nearly to the top [be sure to leave some room!] with JB toner or rose-geranium hydrosol. Stir thoroughly with a wooden or plastic spoon. Now add 4 pumps of the master serum and mix again until blended. The suprapein can be rather strong - if the scent is still not quite what you like, add a couple drops of lavendar or geranium EO.

After shower and other hair treatments, I place a little bit of this treatment in the palms of my hands and distribute it through damp hair, then scrunch the curls. My curls are left defined, soft, and somehow my hair seems to "stand" up much better. I'll let you all know how this is still working after a month!
I'm still loving this! With the exception of camellia and jojoba oils applied to my hair after the shower, it's replaced all the commercial leave in hair products I used to use. Southern California has been experiencing extremely dry conditions and Santa Ana winds the last month. Even with the exceptional lack of moisture in the air, my hair has remained hydrated and shiny. I've learned not to apply too much, however; it'll get kind of sticky of you use too much, but then again if you want the wet look, this would work as a styling gel as well!

This same time last year when the Santa Ana winds came, my hair would get very dry by the end of the day. I used to hear it kind of crispy/crunch when scrunching my hair if that makes any sense!
I obtained majority of ingredients [hydrosol, carrier, aloe vera and essential oils] www.mountainroseherbs.com. They DO ship internationally! The seamollient and suprepein was purchased from www.gardenofwisdom.com. Not sure if they ship internationally, but the owner [Markey] is absolutely wonderful to deal with.

The "master serum" I mixed up in the 4 oz. glass bottle is about half way used; I don't refrigerate it. Whenever I run low on the mixture in my 1 oz. glass jar [about once a week] I mix up a new batch using the master serum, more hydrosol and seamollient. I go through the seamollient more quickly.

On a whim, I added some macedamia nut oil to this week's batch. Filled up my 1 oz. jar half way with seamollient, 4 pumps of master serum, the remaining half with macedamia oil and topped it off with rose hydrosol. So far so good, my hair is absorbing the oil and not left looking greasy at all. Just softer and smoother curls, which is all I ask for.
I already placed my GoW order for some seamollient, majik lockes, and the healthy hair serum to play with.
2 b/c :: slight protein sensitivity :: med/coarse texture :: normal porosity

Location: SoCal