Since Ive colored my hair for a thousand years, I dont normally test. but this was a demi-perm color, which I got by accident because I cant frickin see antyhing up close without my damn glasses. I wouldve bought permanent. Im assuming the demi has the innate tendency to automatically make color darker than a perm color.

Ive co washed and olive oiled my head a few times today and it is somewhat lightend. If I can do this 8 times a day I should be abck to normal in 3-4 days
Hair type: Wavy- Colored Blonde - Thin - Long, almost to bra strap
Current products:
Jessicurl Low Poo or Sauve Coconut Co-wash-
Loreal Nutri-Gloss Curly Formula conditioner-
Honey (when dry)
Nexxus Emergencee 2x month
Curl:Re:Coil (New Holy Grail curl great!)
Gel: Deva Arc Angell

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