Hehehe you're not a thread maimer or killer Sasparilla. I was going to post something else but I didn't know if anyone was interested. Plus I kind of hijacked this thread. I think you should try some twists on wet hair. Yeah I suppose looser curls might not like to stay together but I'm sure you can find some hair ties that have fabric over them. Like you said, no rubber bands, especially if you plan on keeping them in for awhile. The second blogger seems like she sells her own line of hair bands called punky munkey but honestly you could probably find those in any hair store. Plus they look kind of kiddish.

Anywho make sure and post any results you get if you do decide to try some twists/twist outs or some bantus/ knot outs. Yeah bantus as style are definitely not for everyone but one day I will get the courage to wear them out.

I think this should become the official thread for anyone who wants to post their twist/braid/knot out photos.

Oh yeah I kinda scratched my head whenever she was trying to talk about some waves being ringlets.
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Yay! I knew I was innocent! And I'll so totally be trying this out once I'm home for summer - it will come right after the Great Tiny Hairbands Search of 2009. I also agree that everyone should try twists/bantu knots and post their results, because this is a fun thread.

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