To get 2nd day hair do you have to sleep with hair up/down? Or do you have to do some kind of preparations before bed??
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I can get 2nd day hair at least once a shampoo cycle. I shampoo every 4-5 days, I don't do anything special to it at night, just lightly spritz with a leave-in in the morning - I love ICON Cure and Alterna - or I mist with water and smooth in a teeny bit of regular conditioner, scrunch and diffuse for a couple minutes.
I've found that I can get 2nd day hair more often the healthier my hair is.
Sugaree curls
mid-length type 3a/b, normal to fine, normal porosity, color-treated, living in a low humidity climate.
Shampoo: Redken All Soft once or twice a week
Conditioner: Redken All Soft, GVP Conditioning Balm on shampoo days.
Leave-in: GVP Potion 9 and Alterna Hemp Leave-in (HG's!), CK.
Styling: Alterna Hemp Texturizing Glaze (HG!), Catwalk Root Booster, Paul Mitchell Volumizing Foam, ICON Mesh.
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