WOW! I love everyones hair, and all of you guys have absoultely gorgeous curly hair, I'm amazed! Okay well here go mine, and I'm debating on whether to be the freak with no face, but I'll take a chance. Here goes nothing (this is a cruel game):

For some reason my pictures wont post, how did all of you guys take it from your files and download it without using photobucket?

I cant fight my curls
I cant control my curls
I really just let them roll free
What else can i do?

~I have curly curly 3c hair w/ some 4a up in little corners!
~I'm have a love affair with the Ojon Line and faithfully use Garnier Fructis Spray Gel.
~I love all my kinks, coils, and curls even when I wanna rip them out!
~Trying to gorw out to BSL, any tips? Drop a mesage!

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