Seriously speaking, I was so impressed with a cheapo Sally's bonnet, that I caved and got myself another one - from real silk. Going to test it tonight.
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Where did you find a silk one?? PJs everywhere need to know!

I just bought my bonnet yesterday -- purple satin with gray band. But it seems kinda small when I try to stuff all my hair in there! Any tricks, ladies, for actually getting it on your head without totally mashing up your hair and defeating the whole purpose?

Not only that -- OMG, I look like a cross between an Archbishop and a Martian with that thing on my head, it's hilarious! My head is big vertical shiny purple POOF! I can see why SOs everywhere are laughing at us. Seriously -- I look much goofier than this or this
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Here you go:

Originally I got the same bonnet as yours, purple with a gray band. Silk one is much bigger; or so it seems 'cause the fabric is not stiff at all. I bend forward, gather my hair as if for a pineapple and just tuck it into bonnet.
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