I think I'm a little different with my wash and go's. I co wash every other night before bed and I just use something to moisturize (Hairveda Whipped Clouds or just leave in conditioner) and I tie it up with a satin scarf. In the mornings, I just re-wet (which is pretty much rinsing) my hair with cool water and I apply a leave in conditioner (KBB hair milk, KCKT, KMF Whenever Frequent Use Conditioner, CD Tui Leave In - it all depends on what styling product I'm using for that day). After I apply the conditioner, I apply the styling product and I allow my hair to air dry. I have a hour and fifteen minute drive to work, so I rarely have drippy hair. I apply all the products upside down so my hair won't be so flat (even though I don't really have a whole lot of hair, so it really doesn't matter). HTH
"Don't remove the kinks from your hair, Remove them from your brain." -Marcus Garvey
3c-4a, needs MOISTURE
Last Relaxer: Sept. 6, 2008