while sitting in the dentist chair.

About six months ago at my last cleaning, my male dental hygenist with curly hair (and 6 kids!), mentioned how great my hair always looks. He said he one has daughter with very long hair like his which would be at least 3B maybe some 3C and how long it took for him to care for it (his wife had given up) - trying to brush out the tangles wet, that it's always so dry and frizzy, the usual.

I asked if he washed her hair and what he used for condish. No conditioner and only shampoo. I told him I hadn't washed my hair in a very long time and it made much easier for me to care for. Much conversation followed culminating in a product recommendation from me - LVPNG and of course, to make sure there was no A cone.

Flash forward to Friday. I go back for my next cleaning. With my mouth full of appliances, he mentions how well CO-washing is going for him and his daughter. I had completely forgotten about the conversation. All of a sudden, I have dental hygenists coming out of the woodwork saying OMG is this her??? They all started telling me how great it was working and asking a bunch of questions. Seems he told them about how well it was working for his daughter and a bunch recommended it to their family members. I told them about nc.com so don't be surprised if there's an influx of members with great teeth.

Haircare tips happen in the oddest places.
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