i love my hair now, its awesome. but growing up i absolutely hated my hair. i didnt fit in any where! being puerto rican my family used to say i had "pelo malo" which means bad hair. my mom really didnt know how to deal with my massive amounts of hair so couldnt tame it for school. all the kids in school called me don king and grazing bush. living in az there werent any other darker latinos in the area so i was like one of a kind. some of the girls when i was younger was real mean and would pull my hair and insist i must think i'm better because i was light skinned with long hair.

i couldnt make any one happy! at home i was too dark with nappy bad hair, in school i was that bougie light skinned girl...

i would just keep my hair in a bun all the time to try and blend in. then in 8th grade my mom started perming my hair to make it more manageable. but i still kept it in a bun non stop til i was about 19 because i wanted to fly under the radar.

luckily i had really good friends (black, latin, and biracial) that really helped me to understand my hair and its beauty. about 2yrs ago i stopped perming my hair and have embraced what i was born with.

while i'm still learning i am pleased that i know longer am ashamed of my hair and i can walk in a room with a head full of curls and have all eyes on me and appreciate it!
medium coarse
last relaxer 07/2006
some heat damage

still looking for good affordable products. Any tips are welcomed