i hate this. every time it happens i feel like a damn dog. like really, who pets people?! why is that even normal. i honestly get it from white people, i've never had a black person who i didnt know just reach out and touch my hair. they always ask if its a perm (the curly kind) which i dont get at all. i mean i have white friends and they seem to know that black people have curly hair, so why do these people not know it sprouts out of my head like this? then they touch it (with out asking) and then in shock say how soft it is!!! what is it supposed to feel like? a brillo pad?!?!?

sorry, i mean no offense to anyone as i know this is just a small group of people who magicly find me and irritate me lol.

i will admit, i get this alot less now that i only flat iron once every 2-3months, but before i would wear my hair straight most of the year and come monsoon wear it curly (since it wouldnt stay straight anyway). so i can understand people who saw me on a reg with straight hair being confused. but total strangers who have only seen me the 1x would do this. freaks me out really.

god forbid i get pregnant, having all kinda blue haired old ladies touching my stomach... its a nightmare of mine lmao
medium coarse
last relaxer 07/2006
some heat damage

still looking for good affordable products. Any tips are welcomed