Yeah, when I wear my hair down, it's not such a big deal, because I just tuck those strands behind my ears and no one can tell.

But I keep seeing all these curlies around with super cute hairstyles, where they pull some hair back on top, without parting their hair. And I'm always like "I can't wait to try that!" and then I do and it looks awful, because of these frizzy light hairs.

It does seem like they're growing longer, now that I've found NC and started a healthier routine. Maybe I'm on the right track?
3c....and plenty of it.
Trying to survive with an Engineering major and excessively curly hair in the USA's third most dangerous city.

Good to my hair, good to my wallet:
Suave Naturals, Trader Joe's, Lustrasilk, EcoStyler!!!