Well ladies I now officially feel really bad because I cut about 2 inches of my daughter's hair because it was just too tangled up. I then used the Denman brush and it was detangling better.... then started using the new comb I just purchased and I would say she is losing maybe 80% less hair WTF! I can't believe I've been pulling out all her hair with the Denman and didn't put two and two together. Before you feel TOO sorry for her, she went from hair past her bum to waist length LOL Its still very long.

She did need a hair cut though and I'm glad I got rid of the split ends. What I don't like is that I pulled so much hair for the past year. I could've caused some major damage. I now only use the Denman after her hair is detangled just to give it some nice definition.
- Maria

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