Thank you, Maria for starting this thread. I have been transitioning for 45 wks and I am constantly learning about my hair. When I am DCing I am usually entertaining myself by looking at Fokti's and you tube videos regarding natural or transitioning hair. I do not know when I will BC, however my plan is to continue transitioning as long as I can. I am very thankful for the support all of us receive here.
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When I was transitioning I was always looking at Fotki albums too. It helped me keep focused on my goal. I tell ya though, those 10 months DRAGGED but once the relaxed ends were gone it was just a whole other life. I had to learn to care for my natural hair. The last time I had seen my hair natural was 1981 so you can imagine how crazy that was LOL Its been fun though. I love this site. I hope I can help many people.
- Maria

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