Since going back on gluten and wheat (and casein for the hubz) free diets my fam doesn't shed hair as massively as we used to shed hair. When I say we shed massively, it's just that, enuf to knit sweaters for dogs. Turns out we are gluten, wheat and casein (one of us) intolerant, and after finding that out, I realized it took this long for the effects to start showing up on our skin and hair. I'd have these massive bird nests hairballs after gently fingercombing my hair. I knew something was wrong, because in the past even when my hair was most neglected it didn't shed as much. We've been eating corect diet for about 4 months, made all our products gluten and wheat free, and I have noticed a big difference. 100 hairs a day seems very high to me because this is what I lost, if not more, before a return to proper eating. I understand that 100 is an average, but that's a red flag for my fam if were talking daily shed. Said all that to suggest maybe looking at your diet to see if you have changed anything or have checkup with doctor to rule out anything abnormal. If everything is on the up and up health wise, maybe it's just your normal shedfall and you can try being extra gentle with your hair with whatever you do to it/put on it.
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