Thanks, Maria! After 10 months of transitioning I also couldn't take it anymore and did the BC this weekend! Seriously, Maria, after staring at your fotki, I made the appointment.

She cut some of my natural hair in the back to give me a cute cut and while I almost cried when she was doing it, I love it now.

As you pointed out, though, the transition is far from over. I am getting to know my hair again after a few years of doing the Japanese straightener and the last time I had hair this short, I was three years old!

I am still really nervous about it! I had forgotten about frizz! Haha!

I never in my life thought I could pull off short hair because my face is chubby but Yodit (from Salon Revive in DC) cut side swept bangs for me to balance the look. Again, I would have never thought of it but it works...or at least I think so! My husband has been very sweet about it and keeps telling me that he loves the cut because he can see my face...really, I think he loves that I am not spending hours in the bathroom!

As soon as I get home, I will bravely post some pics.